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Summer camp is scheduled to run June 18 – August 10. Each theme will run for four weeks, Monday thru Friday 9:30am-1:30pm.
Children ages 2-6 enjoy a combination of outdoor water play, thematically based projects and experiments. Camp is a wonderful way for the children to stay busy during the summer, experience some amazing topics and have a ton of fun.
This year’s themes:
Rainforest Adventure (weeks 1-4, June 18-July 13) – Children will explore the four layers of the rainforest along with the animals, vegetation, and climate found in each layer.
Camping 101 (weeks 4-8, July 16-August 10th)- Children learn all the ins and outs of camping, ending the unit with a hike of the surrounding area.

For more information and availability contact Maria D’Arpa, Director at 201-445-2643